Jeannie Hutchins is a Canadian-American visual artist who uses photography to explore life’s unanswerable questions. Jeannie’s images often confront metaphysical concepts regarding our relationship with time, space, and other universal unknowns. 

Her hand-made gum bichromate prints, silk installations, along with other photographic imagery, have been shown in numerous juried exhibitions. Venues include the Tilt Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, the Soho Photographic Gallery in New York, Cove Street Arts Gallery, Portland, ME, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto ON, Canada, and Art Intersection, Gilbert, AZ. Solo installation shows include events at PhoPa Gallery, Portland, ME and the A. Smith
Gallery in Johnson City, TX.

Her work has been featured in several magazines and books including The Hand Magazine, Gum Printing, A Step by Step Manual Highlighting Artists and Their Creative Practice, Shots Magazine and Maine Home+Design.

Jeannie lives in Maine, close to old friends and family.  She is currently enrolled in the MFA Program at Maine Media College in Rockport, Maine.

I photograph to "find answers to life's unanswerable questions".   Definitely a long-term project!

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