Alongside the river I entered the sea.
If I knew Its name, would It come when I called?
From East of the stars, morning came.
Hiding sounded like a good idea at the time.
If only half my garden grows should I wait for rain?
Wordless at last she considered her options.
Behind her back he carved a path leading nowhere.
Though the gates were open, the fog remained.
Not knowing whether to come or go, she wove a God's Eye.
She called out to the crows. It fled.
I held on to a branch, only a twig, actually.
One more time I asked the trees for forgiveness.

These images are taken from a book compilation titled “Temporary Shelter”. They were collected to remind me to immerse myself in the natural beauty in my backyard while I still can. Most of my photography has been made with the intent to find answers to “Life’s Unanswerable Questions.” These images were made because I thought I needed a break from that particular struggle.

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